Gamergy Masters

It's the moment to show the world that you are the best Clash Royale player. Participate in the Gamergy Masters, the international tournament on Supercell's game, raise as the number one of the world and earn up to 14,000€ in prizes.

There will be three open online qualifiers for all the EUW countries (except Spain and Portugal). The champions of these three tournaments will qualify for the Gamergy Masters final stage and they will travel to Spain for free to represent their country in Gamergy, Madrid on December 17th.


Móvil - 1vs1
Móvil - 1vs1
Móvil - 1vs1


The Gamergy Masters finals will be played on December 17 in the most important eSports event in Spain, Gamergy. There, the candidates to be the Best Clash Royale player of the world will face each other: seven players qualified in the many tournaments all over the world, the eight best players of the Clash Royale Superliga Orange and the current Gamergy Masters champion, Coltow83. They will all battle in an amazing competition to become the world's Clash Royale number one and earn the Gamergy Masters prizes.


6,000€First place
3,000€Second place
1,800€Third place
1,200€Fourth place
500€5th - 8th place