You have 10 minutes to join and post in the match sheet chat on Arenagg from the time indicated as "Game Time". Once this time is over, the opponent may report as “Rival not present”.


Summoner Name

The name of the players has to be exactly the same on Arenagg as in the LoL game client. In the case that it does not match, it will be the administrator's decision whether or not that player can play the matches.



Gameplay & Results FFA

Game Creation

To play Teamfight Tacticts on ArenaGG, the player that appears on the left in the match pop-up will be the creator of the game . The game will be created in "normal" mode.

The name of the players will appear in the rival tab of ArenaGG. To invite the players, you will have to hover over any of the 7 spaces available in the room and invite each player. You can also add the rivals if you have them in your friends list.


Once all the players are ready, the game can be launched. In case four or more of the players have not arrived within 10 minutes, the victory will be given to the players who are present without having to play the game. In the instance where 1-3 players are missing or there are an uneven number of players in the bracket, a game will be played with the additionally matched players ignored for the purposes of scoring.


Final score

The losing players must indicate defeat and the winning players must upload an image as proof of their final position.

If after indicating Victory or Defeat there is no result or Conflict has been indicated by at least one of the players, the match will be marked as In Conflict. In that case, you will have to wait for an administrator to solve it. This takes a maximum of 12 hours.

It is mandatory to save victory screenshots. If an administrator requires them, you must send them to support, not sending them will imply an automatic defeat. You should never agree to play a game if you believe that the rules have been broken. If you play the game, you accept the final result.  


Frequent questions

Q: 10 minutes have passed and some of your rivals have not appeared. What can you do?

A: If one of the rivals has not appeared on time, the game will start without them. If you are in 1v1 mode, it will not be necessary to play the game.

Q: A problem has occurred and you think your opponent is cheating. What can you do?

A: First, check the rules to see if that problem is contained within them. If it is not, you should open an incident at  https://www.arenagg.com/support  explaining the problem and providing as much evidence as possible. Remember that false evidence will result in a penalty. If you accept or continue a match despite an error / cheating by the opponent, you are accepting the game result and you will not be able to raise a concern.

Q: The game account your opponent wants to play with does not match the one on the Arenagg page?

A: Send a ticket to support with images that show that your opponent is trying to play with another game account.

Q: You cannot enter the result. What should you do?

A: Send a ticket to support with the screenshot that shows the victory and have it as evidence in case of conflict.