Sets System

Sets System

The matches will be played on best of 3 sets. Each set is composed of a Bo3 between one member of each team. Each player can only play one set.



 A Team


B Team

Set 1 (Bo3)

Player 1


Player 4

Set 2 (Bo3)

Player 2


Player 5

Set 3 (Bo3)

Player 3

vs. (if necessary )

Player 6


The third set would only be played in case a team wins the first set, and the other team wins the second set. Then the third one will be the decidder

If there is a tie in a game, there will be a rematch until there was a winner. For the rematch you would be able to change decks and cards.



Match creation and disconnections

Before starting a match

In order to play a game against your ArenaGG opponent, go to the Friends section in Social tab. Click "Invite a friend" and copy the link that will appear in "Copy to clipboard".

Copy the link and paste it at ArenaGG's chat. Once your rival opens the link, the game will open automatically and you will already be friends.


Game creation

Once connected, the opponent will appear in your friends list. To play you will have to click on him and then on "Friendly Battle".

The creator of the room will be the player who is on the left side of the website (match pop-up). Make sure that the names are the same in ArenaGG and in the client. Also, review that the gamemode is correct.  If you accept any other game mode, you will have to take the result as valid.

At the end of each game you must take a screen capture of how the game has finished so that the referees can check the match result:


The winner of each map will be the one with the highest number of crowns, and the winner of the match will be the one who has won the most maps (1 to the best of 1, 2 to the best of 3 and 3 to the best of 5, depending on the tournament) . In case of a tie, you have to rematch. All cards are allowed and if there is more than one game, the decks can be changed. There is no right to rematch in any case (disconnections, internet crashes, etc.). You have 5 minutes between meeting and meeting to start the next game.


Final result

The winner of the match must upload a screenshot to ArenaGG in which the name of all the players can be seen. This image can be done at the end of the game. The loser must indicate defeat on Arenagg. If the time to submit the result is exceeded, the administration must be notified through a support ticket.

If after indicating Victory or Defeat there is no result or a Conflict has been indicated by at least one of the two teams, the match will be marked as “In Conflict”. In that case, you will simply have to wait for an arbitrator to solve it. This may take a maximum of 12 hours.

It is mandatory to save your victory screenshots. If an administrator requests them, you must send them to support. 

Not sending them will imply an automatic defeat. You should never agree to play a match if you believe that the rules have been broken. If you play a match, you assume the final result.  




You have 10 minutes to join and post in the match sheet chat from the time indicated as "Game Date". Once this time is over, if you are not present, the opponent may report as “Rival not presented”.



The name and ID number of the players must be exactly the same in ArenaGG as in the client. In the case that does not match in its entirety, it will be the administrator's decision whether or not that player can play the matches.



It will be played with the game's predefined rules for the clan friendly battles:

  • King's tower maximum level: 9

  • Common cards maximum level: 9

  • Special cards maximum level: 9

  • Epic cards maximum level: 9

  • Legendary cards maximum level: 9

  • Extra time: 3 min




Q: Can I use any card or deck?
A: Yes, all the cards and decks are allowed.

Q: How do I create a game if I am the host?
A: Once you have added your rival to your friends list, you must press on Friendly battle.

Q: During the game (Bo3 o Bo5) can I change my deck or cards?
A: Yes, you can use any deck in each game.

Q: How do I put my Nick+ID in the web?
A: You must access to your profile and go to "Add online identifiers", in the Clash Royale section you must press and add your Game nickname + Public ID. Example: Test#IYUOP15

​Q: How can I send an evidence of my results if the web's time to post results is over or if there is a conflict?
A: You can go to the activity registry pressing the tab at the left side of the game's main screen and make a mobile screen capture of the games against your rival and send them to the support. You can't complain about the match once it's already over (if you have already played all the matches).

Q: What happens if my rival sends me an invitation to a game mode which isn't Friendly battle?
A: Don't accept and tell him/her you have to play Friendly battle. If he/she insists on playing that mode, send a ticket to the support and put the game under conflict.

Q: My rival keeps sending me emojis. What shall I do? Can I report him?
A: Mute him/her in the game. Using emojis in Clash Royale isn't punishable in our website.

Q: A problem has occurred and you think your opponent is cheating. What can you do?

A: First, check the rules to see if that problem is contained within them. If it is not, you should open an incident at https://www.arenagg.com/support explaining the problem and providing as much evidence as possible. Remember that false evidence will result in a penalty and that if you accept or continue a match despite an error / cheating by the opponent, you are accepting the result of this and you will not be able to contest.

Q: The game account you want to play with does not match the one you have on the page. Can I raise a ticket?

A: Send a ticket to support with images that show that your opponent is trying to play with another game account.

Q: You cannot enter the result. What should you do?

A: Send a ticket to support with the screenshot that shows the victory and have it as evidence in case of conflict.